• Why Do You Need Fast Hosting?

    Fast Hosting

    Have you ever tried to go to a popular website and noticed that it look an extremely long time to load? Or perhaps you were scanning pictures on a certain page but they were taking a considerable amount of time to appear on the screen. Sometimes just going form one page to the next can be a big hassle. Well, these things normally indicate that the website host is very slow. If the host is operating on a shared server, it may be a matter of too many customers and very little bandwidth. As a business owner, it’s crucial that you invest in fast hosting. Let’s take a moment to discuss three of the biggest benefits of having fast hosting.

    It Boosts Your Rankings

    When it comes to determining your website’s position within the search engine, Google has several factors in order to determine who gets first priority. Not only do they look at the quality of the content that you offer and how media rich your page is, but they also take into account how quickly your website loads, you can read a good post about top 5 UK hosting companies at http://www.fast500europe.com/top-5-free-uk-hosting-companies/. Google wants it’s user to be able to access information instantly without having to wait for long periods of time. So the faster your page loads, the greater your visibility on the most popular search engine in the world.

    Why Do You Need Fast Hosting?

    It Decreases Your Bounce Rate

    Fast hosting can decrease your bounce rate. Bounce rates are the percentage of people who navigate away from your site only after viewing one page. Though bounce rate can be cause several different factors such as your website’s design, the type of content you produce or lack of proper navigation, it is most often caused by loading times. When someone first clicks on your site, they expect it to load instantly. In fact, popular research suggests that you only have a few seconds to catch your visitors’ attention before they decide to hit the back button. That’s why fast hosting can make all the difference in the world. It helps to ensure that visitors actually browse through your website. And this sends a great signal to Google.

    It Increases Conversion Rates

    Not only does fast hosting decrease you bounce rates, but it also increases conversion rates, click here to read more info about conversion rate. That is, it helps to turn your visitors into customers. A fast website is able to keep your customers engaged and keeps their attention on your product instead of how long it takes each page to load. They will be more easily led through your sales funnel. In order to make the sale, you website needs to fast and reliable. It needs to make visitors feel that they can actually trust you.

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