• Top 5 free UK hosting companies


    Setting up and maintaining a website can become costly, very quickly. The process of designing, developing and maintaining the site requires an outlay of one type or the other, which is why it is crucial for businesses to cut back on expenditure whenever possible.

    One particular area where costs can easily mount up is hosting, since hosting packages generally come with monthly billing. The good news is that there are a few providers who offer free hosting, and while these packages may not be ideal for some businesses, others can take advantage to make quick, easy savings.

    Of course, there are a number of limitations that come with free hosting. Some features that are frequently curtailed include backup provision, uptime guarantees, traffic, site speed, and server speed. But this does not mean there aren’t any good, cheap, reliable hosting providers. This article will concentrate on a list of the best free UK hosting plans for UK businesses.

    #1. Freehostrunner.com (UK)

    Freehostrunner offers completely free hosting services, including MySQL databases support and PHP 5 scripts, with absolutely no forced ads. The sign up process is quick and simple, and does not require any purchase.read more info about freehostrunner at http://www.freehostrunner.com/index.html

    Hosting Details

    *Joomla and WordPress Installer

    *MySQL (v.5), CGI-BIN, Perl, PHP5

    *1 Domain hosting

    *5 GB monthly traffic

    *250 MB disk space

    *POP3, Webmail, SMTP, Email, and more

    Top 5 free UK hosting companies

    #2. MifiHost

    Currently, more than two million websites have found a home at  MifiHost. They are dedicated to provide all the essentials for your online presence, from domain name registration, and shared web hosting to SSL certificates, VPS hosting, and e-commerce solutions.click here to read more info about VPS hosting.

    Hosting Details

    *No credit card or deposit needed

    *No hidden fees

    *Simple and easy registration process

    *Lifetime guarantee

    #3. SoluWorks

    In addition to being a free web hosting company, SoluWorks is also a software development company and internet domain registrar that sells e-business related services and software. This creative multimedia production house is dedicated to establishing your brands, boosting your market share, and solidifying your customer relationships.

    Hosting details

    *No forced adverts on your website

    *Free personal hosting for every domain name you register

    #4. Web Hosting 4 All

    Web Hosting 4 All provides free cloud hosting for WordPress and Joomla, with attractive packages for small businesses and most individuals. It is a reliable hosting platform, offering features such as 24/7 support, 99.9 percent network up-time commitment, and free access to their exclusive value applications. This dedicated server is ideal for gaming, multimedia, eCommerce, and other websites that are looking for control, reliability, and advanced performance.

    Hosting details

    *No forced Ads

    *MySQL, CGI-BIN, Perl, PHP5

    *SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Free Email

    *Free sub-domains

    *Free domain hosting

    *5 GB monthly traffic

    *250 MB disk space

    #5. IrisHoster

    This is one of the rarest free web hosting providers that can claim to offer way better services than some paid web hosting providers. It offers a lifetime guarantee – if it is suitable for your needs …

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