• Why Do You Need Fast Hosting?

    Fast Hosting

    Have you ever tried to go to a popular website and noticed that it look an extremely long time to load? Or perhaps you were scanning pictures on a certain page but they were taking a considerable amount of time to appear on the screen. Sometimes just going form one page to the next can be a big hassle. Well, these things normally indicate that the website host is very slow. If the host is operating on a shared server, it may be a matter of too many customers and very little bandwidth. As a business owner, it’s crucial that you invest in fast hosting. Let’s take a moment to discuss three of the biggest benefits of having fast hosting.

    It Boosts Your Rankings

    When it comes to determining your website’s position within the search engine, Google has several factors in order to determine who gets first priority. Not only do they look at the quality of the content that you offer and how media rich your page is, but they also take into account how quickly your website loads, you can read a good post about top 5 UK hosting companies at http://www.fast500europe.com/top-5-free-uk-hosting-companies/. Google wants it’s user to be able to access information instantly without having to wait for long periods of time. So the faster your page loads, the greater your visibility on the most popular search engine in the world.

    Why Do You Need Fast Hosting?

    It Decreases Your Bounce Rate

    Fast hosting can decrease your bounce rate. Bounce rates are the percentage of people who navigate away from your site only after viewing one page. Though bounce rate can be cause several different factors such as your website’s design, the type of content you produce or lack of proper navigation, it is most often caused by loading times. When someone first clicks on your site, they expect it to load instantly. In fact, popular research suggests that you only have a few seconds to catch your visitors’ attention before they decide to hit the back button. That’s why fast hosting can make all the difference in the world. It helps to ensure that visitors actually browse through your website. And this sends a great signal to Google.

    It Increases Conversion Rates

    Not only does fast hosting decrease you bounce rates, but it also increases conversion rates, click here to read more info about conversion rate. That is, it helps to turn your visitors into customers. A fast website is able to keep your customers engaged and keeps their attention on your product instead of how long it takes each page to load. They will be more easily led through your sales funnel. In order to make the sale, you website needs to fast and reliable. It needs to make visitors feel that they can actually trust you.

  • Top 5 free UK hosting companies


    Setting up and maintaining a website can become costly, very quickly. The process of designing, developing and maintaining the site requires an outlay of one type or the other, which is why it is crucial for businesses to cut back on expenditure whenever possible.

    One particular area where costs can easily mount up is hosting, since hosting packages generally come with monthly billing. The good news is that there are a few providers who offer free hosting, and while these packages may not be ideal for some businesses, others can take advantage to make quick, easy savings.

    Of course, there are a number of limitations that come with free hosting. Some features that are frequently curtailed include backup provision, uptime guarantees, traffic, site speed, and server speed. But this does not mean there aren’t any good, cheap, reliable hosting providers. This article will concentrate on a list of the best free UK hosting plans for UK businesses.

    #1. Freehostrunner.com (UK)

    Freehostrunner offers completely free hosting services, including MySQL databases support and PHP 5 scripts, with absolutely no forced ads. The sign up process is quick and simple, and does not require any purchase.read more info about freehostrunner at http://www.freehostrunner.com/index.html

    Hosting Details

    *Joomla and WordPress Installer

    *MySQL (v.5), CGI-BIN, Perl, PHP5

    *1 Domain hosting

    *5 GB monthly traffic

    *250 MB disk space

    *POP3, Webmail, SMTP, Email, and more

    Top 5 free UK hosting companies

    #2. MifiHost

    Currently, more than two million websites have found a home at  MifiHost. They are dedicated to provide all the essentials for your online presence, from domain name registration, and shared web hosting to SSL certificates, VPS hosting, and e-commerce solutions.click here to read more info about VPS hosting.

    Hosting Details

    *No credit card or deposit needed

    *No hidden fees

    *Simple and easy registration process

    *Lifetime guarantee

    #3. SoluWorks

    In addition to being a free web hosting company, SoluWorks is also a software development company and internet domain registrar that sells e-business related services and software. This creative multimedia production house is dedicated to establishing your brands, boosting your market share, and solidifying your customer relationships.

    Hosting details

    *No forced adverts on your website

    *Free personal hosting for every domain name you register

    #4. Web Hosting 4 All

    Web Hosting 4 All provides free cloud hosting for WordPress and Joomla, with attractive packages for small businesses and most individuals. It is a reliable hosting platform, offering features such as 24/7 support, 99.9 percent network up-time commitment, and free access to their exclusive value applications. This dedicated server is ideal for gaming, multimedia, eCommerce, and other websites that are looking for control, reliability, and advanced performance.

    Hosting details

    *No forced Ads

    *MySQL, CGI-BIN, Perl, PHP5

    *SMTP, IMAP, POP3, Free Email

    *Free sub-domains

    *Free domain hosting

    *5 GB monthly traffic

    *250 MB disk space

    #5. IrisHoster

    This is one of the rarest free web hosting providers that can claim to offer way better services than some paid web hosting providers. It offers a lifetime guarantee – if it is suitable for your needs …

  • Brexit’s Impact on Stocks and Shares


    Among the issues raised in the Brexit referendum is trade and investment. What would be the economic impact on stock and shares on firms if A Leave Vote carried the day, considering that UK is a very important trading partner? Already, the sterling is experiencing a weakness of the highest level, since 2010. In addition, since the announcement of the referendum by UK’s Prime Minister, David Cameroon in 2015, foreign investment in the UK have fallen by an all-time low by 2.1% in the last quarter of 2015.

    Currently, many investors are building up cash reserves to secure themselves from the uncertainties the In-Out vote may bring in the stock markets. However, some investors foresee some positive opportunities that the June 25th vote could bring to the securities markets. For example, an Out Vote could see the continuity of UK’s equities. This will only be positive to SMEs unlike on global companies that may opt to leave UK, in order to continue enjoying the EU market and support. SMEs are more likely to benefit from the weakening of the pound if an Out Vote carries the day since most of them are not dependent on the EU market, the share prices may be toppled may have to shoot up.

    Brexit’s Impact on Stocks and Shares

    However, a Leave Vote has a negative effect on the returns on investment. The rates will be slashed, hence reducing the attractiveness of UK assets, due to the weakening of the pound. In addition, the UK equity market would be polarised since share prices would fall in the domestic and retail banking sectors but for staples such as beverages and tobacco, they are most likely going to be the winners of the Leave Vote.

    A European Union exit would result to a relocation of the global firms in order to set camp in other EU countries, as they would no longer be pass ported into Europe. In addition, UK would impose trade tariffs, resulting to a reversal of foreign direct investment. This would lead to an increase in share prices on SMEs operating within the UK.

    Many companies across the UK believe that an exit of some kind may be a good thing. James from key person Keyman Insurance believes leaving the EU could give a boost to those companies that are currently suffering from red tape and restrictions imposed by the European commission. Allowing the UK to make its own decisions may mean relaxing compliance issues giving a boost to smaller companies and business.

  • Advantaged of a Dedicated Server


    If your website is becoming too busy and your shared hosting is sucking up all of your resources, then it might be time to invest in a dedicated server. While “Shared” servers, those that are used by several customers, are usually much cheaper, their performance sometimes suffers due to all of the customers using at one given time.

    A dedicated server is a computer that runs various services over a single network. Most businesses use them as hosting environments for websites, read more info about fast hosting by click here. And it’s referred to as ‘dedicated’ because it is used for the benefit of a single customer or task. Let’s take a moment to do discuss the many benefits of owning a dedicated server.

    The Advantages


    Every web-hosting company will say that it’s share server is the most reliable. However, if have ever had problems with sharing your bandwidth with several people, then you know that shared servers can be very unpredictable sometimes. Dedicated servers offer a great amount of reliability. Your resources are exclusively for you when it comes to both bandwidth and disk space.

    Advantaged of a Dedicated Server

    Tighter Security

    Not only do dedicated server ensure that you receive consistent, high quality service but it also protects your privacy. Sharing a server can sometimes come at the cost of your personal information. Servers often have to fight in order to protect it’s clients details because these types of servers have a greater chance of being hacked. This leaves you in a constant state of vulnerability.

    You don’t have to worry about this when it comes to dedicated servers. You’re considered to be a ‘premium’ customer and will be provided with patches and security updates. You’ll have your own dedicated IP address which is necessary if you’re interested in implementing SSL to your website, particularly during sign-ups or payouts.


    Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of a dedicated server is that it gives you the ability to expand your business as needed. As businesses start to grow, they usually experience outages because their server can not handle the amount of traffic or information that is coming in to the website. And this can be terribly inconvenient to say the least.

    If you own a dedicated server host, you will have access to additional space. This means that instead of outgrowing your server, your server will be able to grow with you.

    And even in the cases when you do need more space, you will have the support of a professional staff, and will be able to deploy the new servers with expert support. These types of services can make updating or monitoring bandwidth and disk space much easier and less time consuming.

    As you can see, if you own a business or just simply want to be able to have more flexibility and control, then dedicated servers can take your projects to the next level. While sharing servers may be the cheaper option, it’s not always the most convenient. …

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